About the company

Our success is due to three main areas:

• Tremendous wealth of technical and project management experience. Our management team has extensive years of Enterprise level expertise.

• Agile software development, an implementation methodology that emphasizes a phased strategy with quick deployments to core groups

• Satisfied customers across large and small organizations

Our Background

Virtual Objects is a locally owned business that provides Computer Consulting Services to businesses with Technology & Software requirements for reviews, updates or changes, support, service and maintenance. 

Virtual Objects was established in 1996 with a deep sense of purpose and commitment to people. Our clients are among the leaders in their fields: Applied Materials, Bank of the West, Alameda Alliance for Health, Sun Microsystems, Lucent Technologies, and Sybase among others. We provide skillful, highly trained consultants who have an acute understanding of the needs of business executives and their teams. Each consultant is highly effective in the areas of communication and integrity, goal setting and execution, and defining core project requirements.  Virtual Objects maintains an environment that incorporates progressive thinking and innovative ideas. We provide solutions that require strategic planning, process design, implementation and support for traditional and web-enabled enterprise solutions.

A balance of business and technical knowledge are utilized on every aspect of every project, with a focus on knowledge transfer during all phases of the project.  Virtual Objects and your team will work together to develop the necessary solutions.  This type of partnership has led to numerous successful installations of our solutions at numerous companies.  No one knows your business better than your staff.  Our goal is to successfully integrate the business knowledge they have of the environment with the product and application knowledge of Virtual Objects’ consultants, to form an effective team of individuals that can deliver a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

With a comprehensive list of Fortune 500 companies as customers, Virtual Objects has the depth necessary to tackle any size project.  Before you give up thinking that the solution you need cannot be done, reach out to us. 

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading companies